Herstellung und Handel mit elektrischen und elektronischen Produkten

Company Philosophy

The quality of the products we manufacture and services we offer is our basis for success.

We have divided the quality policy of our company into the following principles:

Customer Orientation

We want to meet the wishes and demands of our customers. Customer satisfaction ist he main goal of MUT NT GmbH. We aim to prove ourselves as a competent and innovative partner to our customers.

Employee Orientation

The performance and quality of our employees’ work are important contributing factors towards the quality of our products. The team oriented approach to problem solving is important for our company. The high level of performance of our staff is reflected in the quality of their finished products. Common objectives take priority over individual interests.

Supplier Orientation

Through fair and open dialogue and strong partnerships we include our suppliers as an important part of our quality policy.

Continual Improvement

We want to continuously improve and optimize our performance. Improvements to our quality system and optimizing internal processess support this ambition.

Internal communication

Open internal communication means more to us than increasing employee motivation; we aim to integrate our employees into problem solving and continuous improvement efforts.

Zero-defected philosophy

Motivated employees who use 100% of their knowledge and skill help us to ensure thet the quality of our products is perfect. Avoiding mistakes takes priority over correcting mistakes.


We want to improve our environment through the careful use of resources and by replacing hazardous materials with environmentally friendly ones. We want to fully satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements.


Hennef, 07/13/2005